14 Oct 2016

Points to consider when buying a house

Buying a house can be an emotional rollercoaster or it can be a simple business transaction. Depending on the stage of life you are at with family or Investing in your future, the experience and points to consider are quite different……If you are looking to buy a family home and are looking to live in that house or Street for the long hall… can be a little harder as you need to consider key points like, Suburb…is it in an area that compliments your lifestyle, is it close enough to the schools you are considering for your children…. Do you like the street appeal and other surrounding houses….will they also suit your house….., If you are looking to build your dream home,  you need to look at the suburb market values to ensure you don’t over spend on the build contract to ensure what you spend on the house and land will reflect the true market value….

If you are not building when you do find the rite house you should get a Building inspection to ensure that there is no issues with the house or land and make this “a subject to condition” on the contract of offer…..

It is also wise to read the FORM 1 Document that will be provided while in your cooling off period to ensure there is no negative issues you need to consider regarding the history of the house or land…e.g. soil contamination, easements or other restrictions that may be placed on the property.

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