11 Nov 2016


People will often admit, that having many loans, credit cards and other commitments with little savings and bad cash flow creates financial stress. This financial stress in reality is a major life stress. Considering everything all the positives that life can offer, it is worthwhile being in charge of your cash flow therefore creating a happy view on your financial life.

In the case of having too many loans and credit cards, a consolidation loan may be a good option. It is important to make sure that the fees involved in setting this up make this worthy and that the interest rate is not higher. Sometimes is better to contact the existing loan or credit card provider to arrange better payment/hardship terms.

By having a buffer on top of loans and credit card payments, you will have the ability to save, breathe easier and enjoy a happy financial outlook. If you earn more, then you should have a more strict view on savings. As they say, make hay while the sun shines. With this in mind save what is feasible, obtain a car loan that is manageable, have an honest credit card limit that can be paid off and have a buffer for a rainy day.

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