21 Oct 2016

Benefits of a pre-approval

Purchasing a house while exciting, can also be challenging as there is a lot of points to consider with one being…Can you get a loan approval?, and how much….?  It is a wise decision to speak with a mortgage broker instead of your main bank. The reason for this is the world of Home loans changes daily with bank policy’s, Fee’s and rates subject to change at the banks discretion….

Getting a loan pre-approval has some major benefits with a Finance broker. Brokers generally have well over 30 different lenders to source your loan from…. The reason this is so important is every loan scenario is different and presents challenges to get unique client scenarios approved and also the best rates and fees possible….

Your current bank might not be able to help your house purchase scenario due to their own policy restrictions, but Finance brokers generally can find an option with another Bank or lender to help accommodate your loan requirements and objectives….Freedom of choice, more policy options, and cheaper rates & fees, is what makes dealing with a broker so valuable!

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